We have a -36 ° freezing tunnel and a -20 ° storage refrigerating room. These facilities allows us to master ourselves the process of freezing and to offer our customers high quality products.

Recognized internationally, we offer a range of quality frozen products to meet consumer expectations. Do not hesitate to contact us to know the format of our products

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Pecten maximus

  • Fishing techniques : Dredge
  • Transformation : Whole scallops / Half shell scallops

Quality requirements :

  • We freeze the scallop when it is still alive. The half shell scallops is conditioned with protective glazing less than 3%.

Size :

  • Big : 13cm+
  • Medium : 11 to 13cm
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Produit coquille-saint-jacques
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Sepia officinalis

  • Fishing techniques : Trawl, trap

Quality requirements :

  • Firmness of the flesh, bright eye, pearly and brilliant white color, resistance of the tentacles, pleasant smell and any blood stains must be red.
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Loligo vulgaris

  • Fishing techniques : Trawl

Quality requirements :

  • The squid has a skin whose pigmentation is bright and iridescent. With a firm skin when touched, its flesh is pearly and has a marine odor.
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